How to Decide the Best Moving Container to Fit Your Needs

Since the start of 1998, moving shipping containers have grown popular in the way of moving one’s home furniture and news from one country to another. In fact, many companies have developed to increase their variety of containers from the original standard size. While the growth in selection has made it easier to accommodate your big move, it is important to know what size exactly you need to save space and keep moving costs down.

Here’s how to decide the best moving container to fit your needs.



Before you decide on how much space you need, consider the elements of the containers. Shipping containers can be made from a range of materials that include:

• Construction-grade wood
• Steel
• Steel and aluminum
• Plastic

What’s important in choosing the materials is how much weight these containers can handle. For example, a standard 8 x 7 x 7 construction-grade wood container can handle a maximum of 2,500 pounds. However, a steel and aluminum container in the same size can support 5,000 pounds.



Most moving container companies provide a one-size-fits-all moving container. This means that their standard size moving container is capable of holding around half of the furniture and household items of an average sized home.

Here’s what a standard 300 cubic feet storage container usually requires:

• Apartments – two moving containers
• Small two to three bedroom home – three moving containers
• Medium three to four bedroom home – four moving containers
• Large five plus bedroom home – five moving containers

Some companies offer various sizes to meet your demands. This will allow you to choose a larger container to accommodate your furnishings in a single shipping container.



It is important to consider just how much you have to move and which company to consider. From there, you should be able to decide as to purchasing a standard size container or a large moving container. One of the best benefits of using shipping containers is that you can always call for another when you need additional storage.

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