About Us

logoArctic OA Cruise is a specialist moving and shipping company that offers fast, reliable weekly overseas services to over 6,000 destinations.

Whether you’re moving just a few important boxes or shipping your household furniture, you can be assured that you will receive a safe, secure, and hassle-free overseas moving experience at Arctic OA Cruise.

Here at Arctic OA Cruise, the safety and security of your household items are our number one priority. Each and every international move is packed individually with our unique packing systems to ensure maximum protection throughout the entire removals and shipping process.

Arctic OA Cruise provides the best systems and staff to provide you with the highly quality of customer service. We aim to ensure that your possessions will be adequately handled and protected.

We treat every move as an individual job. This means we can load your items and ship them immediately to your destination. We do not wait to fill up containers when we don’t have to.

Arctic OA Cruise ships every week as all cargo ships are filled with export orders from all over the world. Once your items are securely packed, we ensure to provide accurate measures and charge you for the space that you need.
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